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SMART Board Revolution – A Revolution in Education | Matt Granger

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Matt’s collaboration mission statement: “All SMART Board educators, unite! Let’s share ideas, tips, and lesson files and collaborate to maximize our students’ learning.”


This educator network

~ holds monthly webinars (how-to’s; board problems)– first Saturday of the month

~ provides a place to share/find Notebook files

~ is a place to get help

~ provides a way to connect with other SB educators


See especially (may have to join first):

~ Webinar archives (All Meeting Recordings)

~ resources that accompany each meeting are found at the SBRGVUG (SMART Board Revolution Global Virtual User Group) link (near the top of the main page; just above the month’s meeting announcement) —

~ LAT Overview Notebook files (on the above pages) — When a webinar speaker shares his/her Lesson Activity files, Matt posts these at the above link. If you open one of these, you can add any indvidual page that you want to be able to use over and over to “My Gallery”.

See on


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