This platform (Virtual Cluster Initiative) was launched to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a state of the art solution allowing them to present themselves on the Internet, professionally, as well as, in future-oriented way.


Partners of the Virtuelle Cluster Initiative


It is our intention, to show how we can create value and satisfy the needs of the participants, customers, Universities, investors and all other supporting entities. It is our intent and seems to be inevitable to have a framework or environment for all activities, entities and information to centrally identify with. It is important for this environment or framework to be in a sense an “open source platform” to satisfy / adjust to the needs of the dynamics of the people involved as well as being sensitive to the uniqueness of each and every individual innovation network. This would ensure that an effective targeted framework conditions are met for innovation and a simultaneous development of the framework for the national or international competitiveness which will follow.



Location Tijuana Area, Mexico
Industry Management Consulting
Strategic Alliances:
Platform for Competitiveness, Innovation and Internationalization.
General objective
Establish the basis for development and Cluster Management, based on the analysis of competitiveness, Knowledge Management, Innovation and Strategic Thinking.

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Frank Webb

Prior to becoming a business coach Frank Webb honed and practically applied his skills for 23 years in the corporate sphere. He was extensively involved in company turn-a-rounds, working in a team taking companies to listing on the Sydney Stock Exchange, setting up a franchise structure, and corporate acquisitions.

His overall business expertise is an asset to any business. Frank’s speciality is in assisting clients to fully understand and control the financial aspects of their business – using the accounting systems to drive strategies for optimising profits, cash flow and empowering the responsibility of managers.

Frank is very passionate about working with and the power of teams. He has coached business clusters with diverse businesses from Screen Printers – Sand Blasters and Bookkeepers to a Creative Arts Clusters.

When dealing with Frank Webb you will find an open and friendly professional with a range of business improvement and management tools ready to be to apply to any business situation. Frank is committed to his chosen career of business coaching and it is this commitment to excellence that can help you and your business thrive in good times or tough.

If you need some help in moving you and your business to the next level, you would have to go a long away to surpass Frank Webb and team at Business Clarity.


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Platform for substainable development is a new Web-based multimedia and cross-sector resource designed to join forces of international shareholders in order to help build a better and greener world, provide equal opportunities and boost international cooperation.


Logo EU music day

Working as a knowledge broker, Georges is focused in projects that combines creative, educational, vocational and entrepreneurial opportunities for the development of innovative models in the field of cultural industries. With a strong expertise in the Music Sector (Music in the wider sense), he is involved in the design, production and supervision of special events while he has produced hundreds of shows, concerts and events under the framework of the European Music Day Association.

Operating within the context of Cultural Creative Clusters and using Music Sector wide expertise as a model, he aims to produce Creative partnerships that supports cultural entrepreneurship and social cohesion. Networking partners and stakeholders from complementary fields in order to generate new tools or opportunities for sustainable growth, he is using culture as a vehicle for local development.


Barbara Kosicka

Polish Chamber of Commerce


Barbara Kosicka KIGNET Office Director

ul. Trębacka 4 00-074 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: +48 22 630 96 61 fax: +48 22 827 46 73 e-mail:



Irena Rezec

Irena Rezec Managing Director WOTRA Strategic Intelligence Ltd.

Project Manager Slovenia / Bosnia

Cepelnikova 6a SI-1000 Ljubljana SLOVENIA

Phone: +386 40 790 000 e-mail:

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The Heroes Club will reunite the elite of business competitiveness and international innovation.  A new ecosystem for forming alliances, pursuing common objectives, fusing ideas and generating value will emerge; one founded upon the major driving forces of business development and opportunity creation.




Educloud Foundation is a non-profit institution, which aims to bring an integral solution of available (educational) cloud services to education- and research institutes. The rationale being that services have to be combined and offered in such a way that both substantial reduction in costs and an improvement in services can be achieved for the connected institutions. These services are to be supplied at the lowest possible price point, in order to stimulate the cooperation and sharing of knowledge between students, teachers and institutions through the use of cloud technologies.


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