This platform (Virtual Cluster Initiative) was launched to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a state of the art solution allowing them to present themselves on the Internet, professionally, as well as, in future-oriented way.



VCI offers to intensify sales locally, develop presence globally and promote
businesses, products, services. Implement your best ideas and expansion strategies.

Our activities belong to the following major dimensions

Marketing & Promotion
Public Relations (PR) & Communicaton
Trade Facilitation & Cross-Border Cooperation
Purchasing Cooperation/Strategic Purchasing
Supply Chains & Logistics

Associated partners: SME, medium businesses and larger companies.
Our services (*)
– movement of goods and customs clearance
– local distribution and sales
– advertising in various media based on special approach (**)
– design (commercial packaging, labels, corporate style and POS)
– arrangement of supporting services (trade and business missions)
– multiple contacts within target audience and businesses
(*) services are not limited to the concise list giver above.
Other services are available. Contact us to receive more information.
(**) See example of a free online booklet here (Addressing a right approach to enter the Russian market and use various advetising media approapriately).
Practical well-biased solutions are designed to assist companies to improve financial performance drastically and safely expand onto foreign markets. The support of worldwide local hands-on expertize is integrated and targeted well-biased actions are implemeted to make short-term projects and long-term strategies most efficient.
We use our online and offline capacity with the aim to promote partners and customers professionally and help them establish reliable cross-border operative links.
Target audience: global (various countries and sectors).
Added-value features
 qualified staff for any customer tasks
 special terms and targeted programmes (including international customer loyalty
 online resources and trade platforms
 design and production from skretch
 priniting: promotional materials, leaflets, labels, etc. (incl. those in foreign languages)
 exisitng sales force and different markets
 multiple options for development
 web and mobile gadgets applications design and development
 comprehensive 3D options and opportunity to establish highly visible 24hrs access
virtual exhibition
 participation in various business communities (incl. chambers of commerce and industry, trade associations etc.)
 and much more
Being a partner, you will enjoy many advantages (see below) and save much by applying to one-point of service (savings up to 50% can be achieved by placing orders with us. VCI is an integrated service provider).
 large target audience globally, easy quick outreach onto different markets
 assistance to lift trade barriers, use local experts/agents experienced in local ways
 integrated support allowing to save on promotion and sales
 all-in-one: translation, editing, distrubution of information and printed materials, distant
project management, virtual office, customs clearance, logisitcs, warehousing, etc.
 efficient visual, context advertising to ensure smooth operation and reliable services
 free initial consulting, other services to start business (step-by-step development)
 diverse opportunities (associated and affiliate companies, partner programs, etc.)
 backup to partner companies offline (sales and development)
 joint logistics and related services for safe delivery and easy payments
 shared participation in international exhibitions and information support activities
 wider visibility and customer services, increased customer loyalty
 real time 24hrs/day and 7days/week service
 online conferences and special events to raise customer awareness
 business contacts via local chambers of Commerce and Industry and other customer focused entities
 aggregation, affiliation with online shops and marketplaces
 enhanced options to advertise online and offline (via affiliate media and other channels)
 wide mailing base and network affiliate systems
 opportunity to earn income through commissions
 a wide range of outsourced services
 optimal pricing models (services can be arranged starting from EUR100/service to launch customer service abroad, discounts on marketing, advertising and other services up to 50%)
 and much more
Initial Market Entry services
 free initial advice to launch your business abroad and support it locally
 free banners posted on our own and partner online sites and trade platforms
 local expert guidance to select the best way for operation and trade: to comply with local requirements, obtain requisite documents, etc.
 language support (43 languages): translation, oral presentations, telephone calls reception and polling
 virtual presence (trade fairs, distribution of printed promotional materials, call centre for customer direct contacts, etc.)
Virtual Office / Representation
 Many development options.
 Scaling up businesses in an integrated manner via outlet affiliated entities.
 Multiple new users and satisfied customers.
 Wider customer base and loyal clients.
Example – A branch in St. Petersburg, Russia.
You can rely upon local support and use the following:
 Develop sales system (online+offline), create branch network in a major intenational trade hub
 Several points of sale and networks
 Associated exhibition and advertising companies
 Shared partner exhibition and trade premises
 Matchmaking and promotional events
 Advertising print, stands design and production
 Packaging, repackaging, labelling, sorting etc.
 Retained local producers to launch trial production
 Retained local staff to start trial sales
 Joint discounts systems, benefits etc.
 Warehouses and logistics support, money saving by
using the same route already established by others
 Other services approved with partners
Cases: success stories Present strong locations – geographical presence

Eastern Europe
South Korea
Middle East
The system will be expanded to include other regions. Consider nominations for collaboration. We invite companies active in import-export, logistics, services, international projects, software developers, and other interested parties within related areas.
All eligible options and cooperation issues are considered.
Write to the following address with information about yourself, your company, tasks and possible forms of participation.
VCI Team
Customer Attraction and Retention online systems

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